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the light fantasticAmbit 216
finlandiaBest British Poetry 2013 2013
pandemic: incidents of mortalityHippocrates Prize Anthology2013
crossingsHuffington Post2012
bombazineMagma 57
honeymoonsMagma 57
my mother as the lovell telescopeManchester ReviewIssue 10
not speaking of youManchester ReviewIssue 10
to the lighthouseNational Poetry Competition Website2012
handsfreeNew Welsh Review103, Spring 2014
tightropesNew Welsh Review103, Spring 2014
the left-handed brideOxford PoetryCentenary Edition, 2014
light housePOEM MagazineVol 1, Number 4, Winter
coattailsPoetry Ireland ReviewIssue 111
finlandiaPoetry London Summer 2013
to the lighthousePoetry ReviewVolume 102, No 12
noiseThe RialtoIssue 75
malloryThe Sheffield Anthology2012
white jeansThe Sheffield Anthology2012
landingsThe Spectator24th May 2014
sunday eveningsThe SHOp44
wakingThe SHOp44
portraitThe Times1st October 2007
urmston brickworksThe Times25th June 2010
departuresTroubadour Poetry Prize2010